NOL is a bot for the chat software Discord.  The name NOL is taken from my favorite game Phantasy Star Online.  NOL was one of the first characters to help you on a quest.  It was also an old video game hack where you could force users characters into being NOL.  I decided to open source this project as it’s pretty niche and no reason not to really.  I used 3 bots to do various controls on my server.  This annoyed me as many of the functions overlapped.  I wanted one bot custom built to my servers needs.  This is how NOL came to be.

NOL uses the discord.js library and is written in JavaScript.  It has many API integrations and commands which I have listed below.

  • !help – coming soon!
  • !level
  • !top
  • !wiki XYZ
  • !google XYZ
  • !youtube XYZ
  • !wow X Y Z
  • !redtube XYZ (adult)
  • !boobs (adult)
  • !butts (adult)
  • !prune X (admin only)

If you run a Discord server I encourage you to install NOL and give me some feedback on improvements!

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