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I am back and ready to take on 2022!

I am back and ready to take on 2022!

Hello everyone!  Long time no talk!  I feel like you all deserve an explanation to my absence and return before I start making posts about code again.  The short of it is the job I was so excited about in my previous post was not what I was informed it would be.  Once I figured this unfortunate truth out I went on a job search and found a new job.  I work from home now which is something I always wanted.  They even flew me out for a conference and so I could meet the team.  We like to call ourselves the Avengers because we come together as a team to do things only super heroes could do.


During my last job I made a friend who was using our office as a workspace.  We would chat code almost every day while everyone around us had no clue what we were talking about.  He is now a co-owner of NativeScript.  A great mobile development framework along the lines of react-native.  He convinced me to get into it instead of continuing with react-native and I love it.  You are able to use Angular with it which I absolutely love and already knew.  So NativeScript was a match made in heaven for me.  Since learning NativeScript I have developed 3 apps for both iOS and Android.  Due to client confidentiality I will not share them here though.

I made another friend during the conference I attended who teaches game development at a college.  He uses Unity3D too.  We chatted about how much we love Unity3D and I showed him my Legend of the Sacred Gems game.  A couple months later I find out we will be working with him and integrating Virtual Reality through Unity3D into our websites and applications when it makes sense.  I was also pushed to further educate myself in Unity3D so I can assist.  So in a way I will be doing game development professionally.  It is kind of a child hood dream come true.

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So what does this have to do with anything?  Well my family is loving New Hampshire, I have a new job, new skills, new friends, improving my overall health, and working on my personal brand again.  I am feeling refreshed, positive, energetic, and ready to be better than ever.  There is just so much potential this year to be the best father / husband / developer I can be.  Now if only we could get a substantial snowstorm so I can get a powder day in!  Lets crush 2022 everyone!  I know I will!

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