George Whitcher

I moved to New Hampshire!

You read right! I moved to New Hampshire. Live free or die!

I moved to New Hampshire!

Hello again everyone! I am sorry for my absence but I have a very good explanation. I moved to New Hampshire! I was starting to freelance for a company in New Hampshire and we just decided to setup an interview instead. I worked and commuted for awhile until I was able to sell my house and purchase a new one. Now I am happy living in the free state!

Selling and buying a house was a top 5 most stressful moments of my life. No question. If there was a moment something could go wrong, it did. It was a nightmare from the start. My septic needed to be replaced and it was a very costly and stressful process that went all the way till closing. My realtors were kind, responsive, heartfelt, and held my hand through the entire process. They made sure I got through it. I however will NOT be doing this again.

Skip forward over a month and it’s an entirely different story. I am feeling like my self again and happy. More importantly so is my family. My son is in school getting help from one of the best public schools in the state. My youngest is walking and has plenty of room to stomp around and be himself. Which might I add is absolutely hilarious. My wife works 10 minutes down the street and loves the area. We live 10 minutes to the lake and public beach which is absolutely beautiful and well maintained. Funcoland the worlds largest arcade is not far away. Of course I saved the best for last… I am 10 minutes to a ski resort!!! I have to pass it everyday on my way to and from work. Literally all of this is a dream come true and I couldn’t be happier. Everyone is getting everything they need.

Now that I am back and settled and have a good schedule down with work, I am excited on starting back up on my projects. In particular my game Legend of the Sacred Gems. Though you may see it get a bit quiet during snowboarding season… :P. You may also notice the new website design. I thought it would be nice to start fresh. It has some cool features like a “dark mode” for night reading. Anyways, glad to be back at it and stay tuned for more updates on my projects.

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