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Unity 3D

Unity 3D

I have been busier than usual lately. Why? Because I am finally learning to make a video game! That’s right! I used to always want to learn to do game development but chose web development as an easier alternative that I was already well qualified for. However my desire to build a game has never faded. I started to work on a game server for a dead game and thought why am I doing this? I should just make my own game? Thus my quest for developing an action RPG started.

I am currently using Using 3D, C# (one of my favorite languages), and Blender. Unity 3D is an awesome software that makes developing games and releasing them to multiple platforms quick and easy. There are a ton of tutorials which I have been endleslly watching. Unity uses C# (or Javascript) which is one of my favorite languages for application development. Blender is an in-depth 3D design software that I have not gotten to far into but so far love. All these are free to use and are highly suggested.

So far I am still learning all the functionality needed for my game. I am following some tutorials which run me through making an RPG in Unity and covers almost all the functionality I will need. Things like Inventory, Equipment, Items, Stats, Enemy AI, Experience System. This will be an offline game but I would really like to make an MMORPG sequel or prequel to this game.

Once functionality is done it comes down to storyline and design. There are some great design tools out there for Unity as well as making custom ones with Blender and sprites with Photoshop. Storyline I have written a script but I am not sure if I like it enough to make a game out of it. I was thinking of maybe writing 2-3 scripts and seeing what people thought.

Anyways this is a great adventure for me in coding and is certainly improving my knowledge of C# and improving my coding in other languages as well. Once my game has a set title I will be putting up a website where I will be accepting donations for development. All donations will go directly into development assets for the game to improve gameplay for the user.

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