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Ski Sharpening and Tuning

Ski Sharpening and Tuning

So I have been neglecting my website again. I do have a good explanation though. I have a second child on the way! With the snowboard season coming up I am probably going to abandon you even more. Sorry, but priorities! I even plan on making a short film on snowboarding this winter which I can’t wait to share with you all. In the meantime I have created a ski sharpening and tuning video.

I have recently taken up ski sharpening and tuning. I used to do minor tune ups to my board but left the heavy stuff to the pros. I wanted to learn how to do it myself so I could keep my board in tip top shape for the season at all times. I got a tuning kit at the end of last season and ended up watching a ton of videos on ski and snowboard tuning. Luckily I have 3 boards of my own I could work on and my ski buddy James gave me a couple pair of his skis to tune. You can actually watch me tune his ski’s below. These Rossignol’s had some serious usage and needed some TLC. Not shown in the video was some base repair done with PTEX for some very deep gouges due to rocks. A sharpen and wax and they were in great working shape and ready for the slopes.

If you are interested and local to the Massachusetts area I will be happy to sharpen and wax your snowboard or skis. The cost for a full tune-up is $40 and cash only is accepted. Contact me today for service!

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