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Bootstrap 4 Multi Level Dropdowns and Display on Hover

Bootstrap 4 Multi Level Dropdowns and Display on Hover

Hey everyone! I’ve got a bit of bootstrap 4 code I wanted to share with you all that I think will help lots of people. If you haven’t noticed yet I love the bootstrap framework. I design almost all all my projects and websites with it. It just makes my life easier. One issue in Bootstrap 4 that was really bothering me and that is drop down navigation items.

The default functionality of bootstrap 4 is for a click on a dropdown. This is due to functionality because on mobile you can’t hover. I am not sure why they don’t support this after all these versions. They did in Bootstrap 2 but removed it. This bothered me so I can up with a fix.

I wrote the below scripts and tested it on desktop and mobile for users. It will provide the most optimal functionality no matter what screen the user is on. Simply download it and open the index.html file to view it in action.

Bootstrap is a great framework and with the addition of this script you will greatly increase the user experience and lessen the time required to design your web projects and websites.

Happy coding!

Bootstrap 4 Multi Level Dropdowns

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