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CakePHP: CakeBlog 2 is here!

CakePHP: CakeBlog 2 is here!

Over the years I have developed this site in frameworks such as Codeigniter, Laravel, and I even gave ASP.NET MVC a try. I tried these until I arrived at CakePHP and my software CakeBlog.

CakeBlog is an open source blogging software written in CakePHP. It is meant to give the user more control than WordPress or any other blogging software out there through the use of CakePHP. CakeBlog is a blogging system that you can use out of the box and design your own theme using minimal CSS and HTML. It is built with Bootstrap 3 to have responsive themes so you can view it in mobile/tablet/computer.

With the use of CakePHP it can be so much more than just a blogging system. It is meant for people to read the CakePHP documentation and make their own pages and own scripts and learn. Code is great and something that should be shared. Which is why I develop open source projects like this for fun. With the use of CakePHP the possibilities for CakeBlog are endless.

This is an open source project and really there is no goal to it. I like to blog and I hate WordPress. Thus CakeBlog was born. I recently rewrote most of the code for a 2.0 version that is a bit cleaner than the 1.0 version. It also has some cool additions like a composer updater GUI. CakePHP recently created “oven” which does the same but I made mine first and is fully integrated into the administration.

Anyways check out my software!

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