George Whitcher

Snowboarding Vermont

Snowboarding Vermont

Vermont is a great place for snowboarding. They have some great resorts as well as backcountry. I made a solo trip out to Vermont this past week and went to Killington and Stowe.

The snowboarding at Killington and Stowe was great both days. It was slightly overcast but a nice snow was falling both days and not many people were on the mountain. It was a fun time all around. Good food, fresh powder, and Vermont beer. I rode Stowe about 15 years ago and forgot how intense of a mountain it is. Stowe is definitely the most challenging mountain in Vermont. I grew up snowboarding Sugarloaf and Stowe worked me just as good. Don’t get me wrong Killington is a great mountain it just isn’t as intense as Stowe. Either mountain is worth the trip, but if you are experienced and want to push yourself go to Stowe. Stowe also has lots of backcountry that I did not know about but found signs for. I am getting interested in backcountry snowboarding so this is something I am going to look into. From what I can see is you can climb to the top of Mt. Mansfield the highest peak in Vermont and ski down. That sounds so awesome to me!

Since my full-time job is working for a camera stabilization company I decided to get a GoPro and start taking video. Now my footage is a little shakey because I am not using my companies products but I intend to in the future, especially on backcountry trips. This was more of a getting used to the experience kind of trip. I’ve done some amateur video work in the past but nothing I’d deem “professional”. This is something I would like to work towards though. I also have never used Adobe Premiere but adapted quickly. So I am learning as I go. My next video I plan on using multiple video cuts rather than one long video of my entire run like seen below. These videos were more about quick turn around. My next one will be an artistic video project with multiple cuts and if I can fit it in custom music played by me.

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