MLA Fishermen Services

MLA Fishermen Services

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January 12, 2018 03:28:24 PM
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Client: MLA Fishermen Services
Date: 2018

As you may have seen I do the Massachusett's Lobstermen Associations website.  I got the MLA Fishermen Services through them.  I developed there website many years ago at my first web development job.  So this site needed some serious updating at this point.  The main focus was to redevelop the website with mobile in mind.  I built the website on WordPress using HTML5 and Bootstrap 4.

With integration of Bootstrap 4 I was able to add sliders and calls-to-action all over the website.  This allows the website to work for them grabbing the customer with things like a FREE quote on every page.  Also with Bootstrap 4 as the core the website would have responsiveness in mind.  Keeping the website optimized for all viewing resolutions.

I also built the forms from scratch using raw PHP.  I utilized WordPress's templating system in order for me to complete this.  Currently there claim form is only in PDF form but we have discussed transferring this to an online form in the near future.

Last I redesigned their logo in vector so that they could shape the logo to any requested size.  This was not part of the original contract but an added bonus as the logo was dated and pixelated.

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Hi! My name is George Whitcher and I am a developer from the South Shore of MA.  When I am not busy being a dad I like to play video games, play/write music, snowboard, and skateboard.