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Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association

Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association

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December 2, 2016 02:38:30 PM
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Client: Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association
Date: 2014

Being originally from Marshfield, MA I have always been around lobster boats and the salt water. I have never gone lobstering but I try and go fishing every weekend for a couple of hours. Fresh air is nice when you are behind a desk 5 days a week!  Beth came to me at ACT Smart Inc. years ago and we moved the website from Microsoft Frontpage to a very early version of WordPress. After about 5+yrs on that design we discussed a more modern design that would be much more presentable while optimizing for mobile and tablet views.

First I took a copy of all the MLA website data onto my own server and started the redesign of the website.   Then I went out with my photographer friend and we took photos of Scituate and the Launching of the Fleet in Marshfield.  The biggest goal was to optimize the website for mobile and tablet views while upgrading to HTML5 and CSS3.  A new theme was created from scratch and the mobile and tablet styles applied.  Then each page was looked at individually and specific CSS styles and cleaning were applied.  In other words the entire site got a scrubbing.

Using WordPress post types and Paypal I was able to integrate a custom shop for the MLA. They mostly just sell shirts but it is always good to give your shop optimized URL’s that will help the items be found by search engines.  I am sure not many people are googling “MLA shirts for sale” but for those who do optimizing the URL’s to your items gives it the power it needs to be found. They also used to have random sponsors show up at the top of their page which was forcibly entered with Javascript into the page.  This was transfered into a logo slider which shows at the bottom of every page and can be updated by the MLA in the WordPress administration.

This next part is about the apps which were built outside of WordPress. If you have ever looked into tide data and ever wondered where it came from look to NOAA. Usually when you see a government website it is some dated piece of crap, but these guys have a fully functional API. I went ahead and took advantage and made the MLA their very own tide chart. I also went ahead and made it open source which can be downloaded here. The next app was the weather this time from Yahoo who also has a great fully functional weather API.  The weather app was super quick and runs so well that I even added it to the homepage of the MLA website and put it as their Scituate location.

Overall the site is a huge upgrade from their existing site. I spent a lot more time on it than quoted but it was worth it to give a presentable piece of work that the client is happy with.

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