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Mark Flores – Master Electrician

Mark Flores – Master Electrician

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December 2, 2016 02:39:54 PM
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Client: Mark Flores Master Electrician
Date: 2016

Mark and I are old friends from high school and always had mutual interests.  Heck we even played in the same metal band at different times.  He is a hard worker and is great at what he does.  So he needed a website to equal his greatness.

For a theme I used an open source HTML5 theme in the WordPress directory.  It had a slider already built in which is what I wanted for his site.  All Mark was able to provide me was a logo and a few images he took off Facebook.  Certainly not ideal, so I got some stock photos to make sure it worked well with hi-res images whenever he gets them.  Then I setup the pages, added content, setup the CSS and moved on to development.

For development I created a custom post type and for his services.  This keeps his services seperate from his blog posts (blog is not currently active).  I then manually inserted them into the homepage in a 2×2 dynamic column.  I then adjusted the slider so it would pull the custom post type of services rather than the blog posts.  I also created a call to action in the form of a free quote form as well as a contact form with CAPTCHA (currently disabled).

This was meant to be a quick job but I ended up spending more time than estimated.  The client got the same bill in the end but I ended up spending 2 more days playing with it on and off after I was technically done.  Thats the one flaw of being an artist is you can finish a job on time (in this case early) and the client will be happy but often you aren’t.  Sometimes you just never are.  However I am happy with Mark’s website and I think it will work great for him.

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