John Hoadley and Sons, Inc.

John Hoadley and Sons, Inc.

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December 2, 2016 02:35:27 PM
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Client: John Hoadley and Sons, Inc.
Date: 2013
Overview: John Hoadley and Sons, Inc. was my first real job and also close family.  My older sister married into the family and I could not of asked for a better person to take care of my sister.  Hoadley’s was also my first professional web job.  It was fun but at the time I had a lot to learn.  To think where I have come since then makes me proud of myself as I know and other developers know the ride to get here is a stressful one with many years of work.  To this day I can still tell you what 99% of plumbing parts are and what they are used for.

Donna came to me asking for some quick changes.  With a site this old though it needed more than that.  The website was done in pure HTML and has been sitting there since I first came there almost over 10 years ago.  While they liked the look and mostly wanted content a total redesign was in order to optimize the website properly.  I redesigned the website in WordPress giving them a platform in which they can redesign the site in the future while not losing their content and at the same time optimizing it for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  I tried to stick to the original look as much as possible while adding new features like image sliders and contact forms.

Hoadley’s also has a company in Maine called Maine Waterworks.  This company does just about everything Hoadley’s does just in a different location and a smaller size.  So it was only fitting we design that website the same and just put different logos.  This website is not up however while the domain and hosting is ironed out.

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