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December 1, 2016 07:04:49 PM
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GWPRESS is a custom written blog platform with no framework.  GWPRESS is written completely from scratch to be as minimal and as speedy as possible.

GWPRESS is a WordPress alternative.  Making blog software in different frameworks has become a training tool for me.  So it made sense to try to make my own without any framework.  The key with GWPRESS was to be as small as possible.  When developing with frameworks lots of extra files are downloaded that aren’t used.  GWPRESS is only the necessities.

As a WordPress alternative it allows all the features WordPress does.  It also has it’s own built-in plugin system just like WordPress.  There are even some plugins I created as examples.

Ultimately I went back to WordPress but I wanted to keep this up here as I put a lot of work into it.




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Hi! My name is George Whitcher and I am a developer from the South Shore of MA.  When I am not busy being a dad I like to play video games, play/write music, snowboard, and skateboard.