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Bootstrap 4 Multi Level Dropdowns and Display on Hover

Hey everyone!  I got a bit of code I wanted to share with you all that I think will help lots of people.  I love the bootstrap framework.   I mostly design all my projects and websites with it.  It just makes my life easier.  However I ran into one issue in Bootstrap 4 that was […]

Bootstrap Dynamic Multi-Level Drop Downs

If you can’t tell from looking at my projects I love Bootstrap.  It makes frontend development so much quicker and easier.  Sometimes though you run into issues.  Most recently one I ran into was getting multi-level drop downs to work on Bootstrap and dynamically create them from the database. First you need to create the […]

Magento 2 custom theme and playing with the header

I have been working in Magento 2 lately for work.  Magento is a great E-Commerce platform widely used.  That said it is not very developer friendly.  There is a developer mode but honestly it doesn’t do much for the developer.  Any time you make a change to the default.xml you have to clear your static […]

CakeBlog 2.0 is here!

Over the years I have developed this site in frameworks such as Codeigniter, Laravel, and I even gave ASP.NET MVC a try.  I tried these until I arrived at CakePHP and my software CakeBlog. CakeBlog is an open source blogging software written in CakePHP.  It is meant to give the user more control than WordPress […]

CakePHP Easy Sorting with Pagination

I haven’t posted many code snippets in a long time so here is a very usefull piece of CakePHP and Ajax I made for sorting with pagination. I had to do this for my current job and I was rather impressed at it’s usefullness and figured others may benifit from it as well.  This is […]