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Avoiding Avoidable Care

Avoiding Avoidable Care

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December 2, 2016 02:23:01 PM
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Client: Avoiding Avoidable Care
Date: 2012
Overview: I was asked by a family member to create a website for the Avoiding Avoidable Care conference.  The conference is run by the Lown Cardiovascular Research Foundation.  The goal for this website was to create it so they can update every aspect themselves posting recent articles under specific relevant categories.  I decided WordPress would be the best solution as they were looking for affordability while not sacrificing quality.  They also chose a look they wanted to me to mock the design after.  With all of this I was able to provide a website structure for them where they could fill any holes with their content.  With a quick tutorial on how to use WordPress they were on their way and have since run multiple events through the website.

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